Yoga for me has been a refuge, a place of deep learning and self-discovery, and a doorway into recognition of all that nourishes and sustains me. My intentions in my teachings are to lead you back to yourself through the practices of yoga, and to help you to discover the well of support that lies in that wise inner nature. This inner nature can be accessed through so many doorways; together we will discover the beauty that is waiting for you.





Public classes




Practice with intention and loving affirmation. Restorative Yoga is ideal for those who are wishing for space to tune into their intuition and own unique wisdom, and needing an inner settling while being witnessed. 


One-on-one or one-with-few, is a custom experience that personalizes your journey through focused attention, instruction and coaching, with detailed feedback and support for your intentions. 


Join me for my regular drop-in class, along with the occasional substitute teaching at additional Vancouver yoga studios.


If you are a teacher who desires to develop their voice, expression and technique, I offer mentoring to enhance your skills and guide you to being your most authentic and embodied self.