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Autumn Alchemy Immersion: Scotland


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I am so delighted to be returning to Scotland during the Autumn season. Scotland is a land that houses my roots, a land that has spoken to me through its magic and myth for many years, and a land that reminds me of the depth of the cellular wisdom we all possess.

This season I will be offering workshops at two wonderful yoga studios in Edinburgh, Shanti Yoga Collective and The Yoga Room. I am looking forward to joining our hearts in practice to honour this season of transition through our personal and collective seeking and connection to the alchemy of Autumn. You can choose to attend one workshop or register for an immersion of your choice consisting of three or six workshops. Click “Register” to view pricing information and to sign up.

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The Art of Rest

Restorative Yoga and Reiki

Friday November 2nd 7:30-9:30pm

The Yoga Room 

5 Forth St

In a world that often celebrates exhaustion and overworking, the art of rest is a compassionate act of self care.

We live in a very busy world, on the go and plugged in. Chronic stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise. Restorative yoga uses props to support your body while stretching passively and allowing your nervous system to ground and reset. Reiki, a gentle and relaxing healing art from Japan, allows for the body's energy to flow with more ease. Practice resting with intention and replenish.

Unwind and unravel in this deeply nourishing practice.

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Meditation & Relaxation

Saturday Nov 3rd 
Shanti Yoga Collective

10 S Trinity Rd, Edinburgh EH5 3NR, UK

Arguably the most important poses in the asana canon, siddasana/suhkasana and savasana are where we integrate, release and reflect. How many times have you sat cross legged, uncomfortably numb or laid there at the end of class just waiting for it to be over?

This workshop will focus on these two significant styles of postures within the yoga cannon: 
Seated Mediation (Siddasana & Suhkasana) and Relaxation (Savasana/Corpse Pose)

Both taking a comfortable seat and practicing relaxation can be a challenge for many. Learn how to claim agency within your practice. Using props, cuing and guided visualizations, this workshop will focus on many tricks and treats to deepen these poses. Expect gentle movement to ease bodies into sitting and reclined postures, along with wisdom on how to guide for yourselves and students into comfort. We will make the postures for mediation and restoration accessible, easeful, and an enriching experience. You'll come to look forward to sitting and taking savasana.

All levels welcome.

For teachers, and students wishing to deepen their practice 

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A Samhain Women’s Circle

Saturday Nov 3rd 


Shanti Yoga Collective

10 S Trinity Rd

Sacred space & ritual are necessary for potent growth, healing, connection, and creativity. Join together in the company of woman. Now is the time for new intentions to take with us into the second half of the Autumn Season. As we move towards the darkest part of the year, now more than ever is gathering with community required health and wellness. Expect lunar inspired movement, meditation, and journaling practices.

Come together in conversation and connection to honour the natural cycles of the moon, and the seasons, both inner and outer.

This circle is open to all who identify as women.

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Samhain & Late Autumn Alchemy

Seasonal Practices for the Drawing in the Dark

Sunday November 4th 10:00am-12:30pm

The Yoga Room 

5 Forth St

The rain is falling and the temperatures dropping mean shifts to our asana practice. The veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Join me for this workshop to welcome the shifting season known best for ghosts, spirits, and shadows. Drawing from the wisdom of the Celtic wheel of the year, Ayurvedic practice, and seasonal indigenous knowledge from the West Coast of Canada, this mid autumn workshop will connect you more deeply to the natural world. 

Our time together will include lecture on what the season means in our everyday lives, how to live in rhythm and goal set seasonally, practical take home daily practices, and a grounding and dark asana practice where we will move blindfolded as a way of getting in touch with our senses and becoming comfortable with the power of darkness.


Resonance & The Authentic Voice

Speaking your Truth

A masterclass workshop & training for teachers & practitioners who desire clear expression

Sunday November 4th 


The Yoga Room

5 Forth St

Our voice is how we share what is in our hearts. It’s the flow of creativity.

The timbre of our thoughts. The rhythm and essence of how we communicate our being to the world. A quality and resonance of listening to someone can be exquisite or pained. Speech can wrap us up in a blanket of safety, seduce us into a puddle or scare us straight.

As a yoga teacher your voice must be strong enough to reach the entire space, convey intimacy in movement and capture the sacredness of stillness. Have you ever felt that your voice didn’t convey what you really felt? That it stuck or stopped itself? That it just doesn’t feel like...YOU?

Just as sometimes our body needs a workout with yoga, or our mind needs a moment or two in meditation, our voice too requires attuning and alignment. This training will guide yoga teachers to finding their voice and to encourage a clear and confident self to emerge in a safe and loving environment.

Practice will include meditation practice to centre and connect, short movement sequences to awaken and revitalize, and vocal techniques all accompanied with yogic philosophy to help you discover the authentic voice waiting to move through you and out into the world.

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