Travel is how we open our hearts to the world and in doing so, learn more about ourselves.

Just like Yoga! Travel shakes up your routine, your world and your perceptions on life. Add yoga to travel and experience culture from a centered and balanced place, enhancing your connection to yourself and the place you visit. Travel has been a part of my life that has and continues to transform me into a more open, understanding and compassionate human. I am completely enamored with people and our human experience and how while culture differs throughout the world, Love, truth, beauty and nature is woven through it all. Landscape and nature make a person, community and culture make a person, food and drink make a person, arts and beauty make a person. There is a unity in it all. Travel will only enrich your life.

Upcoming Retreats


Celebrating Beauty:

The Spirit of Beltane on Salt Spring Island

May 3-5 2019

We respond with joy to the call of beauty because in an instant it can awaken under the layers of the heart a forgotten brightness. —John O’Donohue

Arriving more firmly in our bodies and our relationship to the earth we are reminded that we have the ability to experience the sacred on all levels of our being: body, mind, and heart. Join me along with teachers Natalie Rousseau and Alysia Miller for a weekend delighting the senses and celebrating the gift of embodiment through yoga, Ayurveda, creativity, and connection. Step into the magic of Spring through ritual and practice aligned with the energies of the season as we explore themes of sensuality, simplicity, and delight through the beauty of the waking and warming earth.


We will gather together on Salt Spring Island BC for the new moon weekend of May 3rd- 5th. Our weekend will include group movement practices as well as crafting workshops taught by Niki, Natalie & Alysia. These will include learning how to infuse simple meals & drinks with fresh flowers, seasonal flower essences, and the crafting of a vinok (traditional Ukranian flower crown). This gathering is being held in honour of the Celtic festival of Beltane, which celebrates the beauty of late spring and ushers in the blooming season of summer.


Friday May 3rd
6-8:00 pm Opening Circle

Saturday May 4th
10-12:30 Infusing Beauty with Natalie: movement, flower essences & meditation

12:30-3 free time/lunch break

3-5:30 Adorning Beauty with Alysia: movement, magic & flower crowns

7:00** a group dinner has been arranged at a local restaurant (optional, at an additional cost)**

Sunday May 5th
10-12:30 Imbibing Beauty with Niki: movement, meditation, flowers & food!

12:30-2 light lunch served as part of morning workshop / free time

2-4 Closing Circle


Friday May 3rd- Sunday May 5th Salt Spring Island BC

Travel & Accommodation not included

Classes will be held at Golden Tree Farm near St. Mary’s Lake

Participants will take home a goodie bag of seasonally inspired gifts

Event will run with a minimum of 8 students, capped at a maximum of 18

Early bird pricing is available until March 31st 2019


$275 up until March 31st (use code “early bird”)

$325 April 1st onward


The Gift of Beauty in Paris

A luxurious French retreat combining the City of Love & countryside for a unique yoga retreat to awaken your whole being.

I have been traveling to France for over 10 years and it never ceases to bring me abundant pleasure. Discover a springtime yoga retreat to enliven and enrich your practice.

City: History/Her-story. Style & elegance. Stunning architecture. Decadent meals & art that moves you at the core of who you are.

Countryside: Gentle pastoral landscapes. Clouds that rolls and dance for days. Lavender fields of scent and magic. Villages that tug on your longing for simplicity and ease. 

Markets. Flowers. Chocolate. Wine. Cheese. Picnics…


Circle with women in ritual, around the dinner table, in practice and over a glass of champagne. 

Connect with your senses. Let the sumptuous beauty that is France satisfy your soul. 

Spring 2020

If the beauty of Paris calls to you, let me know, and I'll include you on my mailing list as further details are arranged. 

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Restore Your Nature in the Wild Pacific Northwest

Immerse yourself in the womb of wild nature. The west coast of British Columbia is my home and its current runs through my veins.

Let me share with you my home, my heart and my teacher.

The land and ocean are vast and untouched, dense and deep with wisdom to share...if we become still enough and porous enough to let it in. Clear air, clean water, green for miles, this place cannot but move you closer to your own heart's call, longing and untamed places.

Summer 2019

If the wilds of British Columbia call to you, let me know, and I'll include you on my mailing list as further details are arranged. 


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Living Wholeness in Marrakesh

When walking into this space I remember the feeling. A balance of both calm and heightened wonder. Delicate, spacious and clear.


Imagine the call to prayer throughout the day, to attune one's attention to witnessing the beauty all around and within. Colours, textures, smells of orange blossom and spices, Marrakesh is a feast for the senses. A vivacious and electric experience that will surely leave you transformed. Deserts, gardens, markets, detailed architecture that makes you cry. All in service to divine expression. Your inner artist will sing. Your adventurer will jump for joy. Yoga in the dessert, under the Atlas mountains. Yoga on the rooftop overlooking the landscape. Your own private riad among the hustle and bustle of the medina.

Winter 2020

If Morocco calls to you, let me know and I'll include you on my mailing list as further details are arranged