Restorative Yoga

Practice with intention and loving affirmation. Restorative Yoga is a gentle and mindful yoga practice in which one's body is completely supported in poses with the use of props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets. This way of practicing is a cocooning for the nervous system, in order to allow one to attune to feelings of safety and security. When our nervous system signals that we are held and supported, it signals the body to allow a "letting go" which can occur on a deep level, thus significantly altering ones overall mental, and emotional wellness for the better. This intentional support stimulates the relaxation response in the body, and facilitates integrated and nourishing wellness. Poses are held for longer periods in order to reset and renew from ailments such as the busyness of daily stressors, physical injury, emotional suffering, anxiety, depression and grief,

Restorative Yoga is ideal for those who are wishing for space to tune into their intuition and own unique wisdom, and needing an inner settling while being witnessed. 

A practice for every body and all bodies, whether yoga is a part of your practice or not. Click through below to view the classes and workshops I am teaching, or book a private class with me to explore together.