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Nurture: Being cared for, encouraged and witnessed.

A deep human need, one that we desperately long for more of in our largely solitary and busy city lives. Giving yourself time for connection and intimacy with your breath, body and heart is an act of care that is essential for our mental, physical and emotional health.

Your true nature is one of beauty, health and wholeness.

I offer two body therapies to restore your nature. 


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage, or Shirobhyanga, is form of Ayurvedic therapy from India. Over 5,000 years old, this nurturing treatment refreshes, promotes longevity and overall wellness. It returns us to our balanced center by renewing our energy and relieving the build up of life's stresses. 

Indian Head Massage:
-Relieves and prevents muscle tension associated with headache and backache.  
-Eases insomnia, sleeplessness and emotional stress
-Clears the mind, and calms symptoms of anxiety and depression
-Stimulates the lymphatic system to clear the body
-Promotes rejuvenation through increased circulation and blood flow
-Connects one to their essential nature and beauty.  

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Treatment is performed while the client is comfortably seated in a chair and remains clothed, while wearing a top that allows for the upper back to be accessed for this nourishing oil massage. Various massage techniques are applied to the body as well as gentle pressure to "marma" points on the back, scalp and face to stimulate health on a subtle cellular level. Alternating between invigorating and subtle massage, herbal infused oils are applied to the client's upper black, upper arms, décolleté, neck and scalp. 

Treatments are 50 min for $75



Reiki is a form of healing originating from Japan. Developed in the 1920's by Mikao Usui, this alternative form of medicine connects the participant to their own and the universal ki/chi/prana/life force and encourages your body-mind’s ability to rest and renew. Reiki is a subtle and gentle healing art which promotes emotional and physical well being. It refreshes and resets the nervous system, to allow for ease in physicality and clears space to allow for deep inner wisdom to emerge. 

Reiki treatments are done while the client is fully clothed and laying down, or seated comfortably while being supported by any necessary props. One remains fully clothed while receiving treatment. The practitioners hands are placed onto, or directly hovering above, various places upon the body, sometimes corresponding with chakras. 
Treatments are 60 min for $80