On Yoga, Beauty, and Restoring your Nature

The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun. ” Don Miguel Ruiz

Yoga has been weaving its magic into my being for half my life. I credit practice to the evolution of my personhood.
Practice has made me consider all sides of myself and how to live a whole and embodied life.

Yoga for me is a connection, and a creativity.
It’s coming home to Beauty.
Beauty within, beauty to behold, beauty in my living space and in my daily rhythms.
It’s drinking out of a clay mug, putting my earrings into a handmade bowl, and the little smile that makes its way across my lips when I take a moment to appreciate the tactile sensuality of life.
It’s the mindfulness and sacredness of having a life that inspires.

This is Art.
This is Yoga.
This is why I practice—to find alignment with an inspired and beautiful life.

I know when I am in alignment when I can see Beauty. When I can witness Nature as she truly is.
When I relish colour, light and texture.
I know I am centred when I can see many truths, many sides, many stories and not be thrown off by the paradox of it all.
When I can be bold and tender.
Deeply sad and so utterly grateful.
Furiously protective and compassionately gracious. 

Nature holds more than polarities and opposites. Beauty is beyond measure, beyond what our little hearts and minds can manage. 

There have been times in my life when suffering has dimmed my light and clouded my perception. When grief focuses my attention in one direction. When anger gives me tunnel vision. When stress grips my perspective.
All very human emotions. I won’t say that when faced with a different vision that it is untrue. Rather, it is directing my awareness to refine my boundaries. To refine what matters and bring me to a place where I can once again let my gaze widen to include more space.
Beauty is vast.
Nature expansive.
Both are elegant and limitless, beyond the spotlight that suffering focuses on. 

I know I am in alignment when I can ponder all of this with curiosity and kindness. When I can let go of worrying if I am getting it right. When I can enjoy the beauty of my breath and the richness that my eyes feast upon. I know this beauty is available to us all, at any time, because our true nature is always in alignment, always connected and whole.

I believe deeply that your true nature is one of wholeness, wellness, and beauty. I believe deeply in your ability to rest in alignment with your nature.

It is my intention through my teaching and in my therapy offerings to help you discover the beauty, wholeness, and wellness within. In my classes we make a practice of self-care, because caring for yourself is to make an offering of beauty to the world. 

“Beauty invites us towards profound elegance of soul. It reminds us that we are heirs to elegance and nobility of spirit and encourages us to awaken the divinity within us. We are no longer trapped in mental frames of self-reduction or self-denunciation. Instead we feel the desire to celebrate, to give ourselves over to the dance of joy and delight. ...Because the nature of the heart is desire for beauty, to discover that it is so ardently desired by the one it desires brings overpowering joy.” John O’Donohue